Abdullah Ryami
, Oman -
Abdullah al Ryami, born in July of 1965, is an Omani poet and playwright, who has been blacklisted and arrested in Oman for speaking about civil rights. Al Ryami first came to the attention of the authorities in July 2004, after an appearance on the Iranian television station, Al-Alam, where he cast doubt on the Omani government's willingness to implement democratic reforms. He was immediately put on a media blacklist, with his journalism, poetry and plays all removed from Omani radio, television and newspapers. His appearances as a commentator were forbidden. Photo courtesy of

Khalfan Al-Badwawi
, Oman -
Khalfan Al-Badwai is an active human rights defender who has been involved in many peaceful human rights activities including publishing many articles in which he defended the people's rights. He was arrested on June 6, 2012 in relation to the case in which him and other human rights defenders were accused of "Insulting the Sultan." He was released on September 11, 2012. On the morning of November 7, 2013, human rights defender Khalfan Al-Badwawi was arbitrary arrested by the Omani Internal Security (Omani Intelligence). Photo courtesy of

Saeed Jaddad
Dhofar, Oman -
Saeed Jaddad is a human rights activist and a blogger. He was arrested in 2013 for undermining the prestige and status of Oman. Jaddad, 43, has called for political and social reforms on Facebook and his blog, and has been involved with the European Parliament human rights bodies to advocate for improved compliance with international human rights standards by Oman. Jaddad was a key organizer of pro-reform protests in 2011 in the Dhofar region in southern Oman. The arrests and intimidation appear to be linked to his peaceful activism for reform. Photo courtesy of

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