Jemera Rone
, Sudan -
Jemera Rone is the Human Rights Watch of East Africa Coordinator. She is most known for her years of human rights reporting on Sudan. She is an outspoken critic of the development of the oil infrastructure in East Africa, which she believes often comes at the expense of the local population, rather than to their benefit. Rone begins Human Rights investigations and has overseen investigations in El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. She has also been involved with monitoring human rights in 24 different countries. Jemera Rone has been on the Counsel for Human Rights Watch since 1985, specializing in international humanitarian law and has been the researcher for Sudan since 1993. Her reports on Sudan include Famine in Sudan: The Human Rights Causes (1999). She regularly conducts field research in Sudan and neighboring countries. Photo courtesy of

Mudawi Ibrahim Adams
, -
Mudawi Ibrahim Adam is a Sudanese human rights activist and engineer known for his role in exposing human rights violations in Darfur. He is the founder and former director of the Sudan Social Development Organization and has been repeatedly jailed for charges related to his human rights work. Wikipedia

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